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Protection through strong software inspired by nature


Leveraging parallel computing, Icewater is able to calculate Object Cluster Identifiers at an average of 0.5 milliseconds per compute core, providing for a scalable way to test everything. Icewater can leverage GPUs and FPGAs for blinding speed in an index everything attitude


Icewater can sort and cluster over one million samples per day utilizing the math processes behind fractals – the same math nature uses.


Too many files to wire? Deliver locally and scan for which files are similar with the hottest in Nature Intelligence!

World-Class Productivity

Our base system handles more objects on server class CPU than most of our competitions clustered solutions. Clustering provides a data triage capability so your sandboxes or analysts can focus on the unique targeted attacks.

Never before have we had the amount of data to sift, sort, and analyze than we have today in cybersecurity. Icewater actually uses algorithms derived from nature. Every one of your cells, your pet’s cells, the cells in your hamburger uses the same algorithm to organize its cell’s DNA. 

When you sit and discuss leveraging Icewater to solve your cybersecurity issues, ask each and every one of your cells if they should pick a different algorithm.

Fast & Easy Work

Unique hardware allows us to process more samples at higher orders of magnitude.

Create Results

Sandboxing takes time and Icewater dialiates time by using nature’s mathematics against malicious actors.


The parallel computing architecture provides benefits to organizations in three different ways.


Icewater can be deployed on general-purpose servers, virtual machines, on AWS, or in any architectural combination preferred by your organization.


Utilize the search feature to identify files.


Icewater scales linearly in order of millions of samples per day in one unit of rack spaces.


Never before have we had the amount of data to sift sort and analyze than we have today in cybersecurity.


COTS Hardware, VM, or Cloud, the architecture doesn’t matter to Icewater.

Cost Effective

Icewater employs a subscription-based pricing model based on the compute capability required to support the deployment.

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