Clustering as Life and Art


Icewater is fast, energy efficient and scale-able. Our base system handles more objects on server class CPU than most of our competitions clustered solutions.
COTS Hardware or VM or Cloud the architecture doesn’t matter to Icewater. Clustering provides a data triage capability so your sandboxes or analysts can focus on the unique targeted attacks.

Never before have we had the amount of data to sift sort and analyze than we have today in cybersecurity. Early security researchers noted the similarity to biological metaphors of viruses and those labels were adopted by the computer/tech world.
Icewater actually uses algorithms derived from nature.

Every one of your cells, your dog or cat’s cells, the cells in the hamburger you ate or the sausage biscuit you had used the same algorithm to organize its cells DNA. Trillions (you have about 3 trillion cells in your body) use this same algorithm to keep your DNA organized.

When you sit and discuss leveraging Icewater to solve your cyber security issues, ask each and everyone of your cells if they should pick a different algorithm. The only organisms on the planet that don’t use this to organize their DNA are Bacteria
and Archaea.

Unique hardware allows us to process orders of magnitude more samples. Leveraging NVidia GPUs that are both energy efficient and powerful brings thousands of cores to bare on the security gap.

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